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Karen Hillen

Human Resources Specialist at Hillen Staff Solutions

Member Since January 2016

Wokingham, NSW, RG40 2BB



I'm passionate about helping businesses get the best out of their team and that staff are happy at work. I can act as your outsourced HR Manager & provide a comprehensive range of HR services including HR support & advice, training, HR documentation, policies & procedures, performance management. I have a strong background in employment relations, & I have over 20 years’ experience in human resources for public sector organisations, not-for-profits & private enterprises, mostly SMEs.


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Attracting talent and recruitment
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Human resources

What's the difference between an employee & an independent contractor?

There is no single factor that determines whether an individual is a contractor or an employee.  It is a complicated issue.  A court will look at lots of different factors of the relationship betwe...

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Attracting talent and recruitment

7 things to consider before you employ your first employee

So, your business is growing and you need to employ your first employee. You acknowledge that you can’t keep doing everything yourself. What do you need to consider? The cost of employing someone ...

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Managing employees

What are workplace policies and why do I need them?

Workplace policies give guidance to your employees about what you expect of them and can also state legislative requirements. Even employees that are doing the right thing need to know what you expec...

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