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Director of Education and Training at Digital Age Lawyers (formerly New Age Legal Solutions)

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I am the founder of New Age Legal Solutions and Aquarius Education. This is a different type of law firm as we believe everyone should have access to quality legal services with no hidden costs or expensive 'charging by the minute' for a reassuring chat. Small Business Owner? Find out more about our Small Business Packages to gain access to legal expertise on a routine basis for a fixed affordable rate.

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5 tips to protect your business from identity thieves

Most of us are well aware of the risk of personal identity theft, but what about business identity theft? There is no doubt that criminals have found identity theft to be very lucrative, especially wh...

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Business finance and loans

The Top Four Things To Consider Before Entering A Commercial Lease

If you own a business, chances are you may need to consider entering into a commercial lease. So how do these differ from ordinary, residential leases? There are a number of things you need to look ou...

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Five Key Steps to Boost your Business on Social Media

Social media is the new big thing in marketing! It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use social media on a daily, or even hourly basis, so if your business isn’t taking full advantage of this g...

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Legal Tips to Protect your Family Home

The family home is the most valuable asset for almost every family. It therefore makes sense to take every step possible to protect it. Remember, if a person becomes bankrupt, all their assets become ...

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Online business

Protecting Digital Assets

Introduction In an increasingly digital world and business environment, protecting your digital assets should be a prime consideration for any business owner. Digital assets include anything you own ...

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Protecting your online business with water tight terms and conditions

Do you have Terms and conditions on your website? Water tight and well written terms and conditions, go a long way to protect your business legally. They should also be easily accessible to anyone vis...

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Litigation and dispute resolution

Separation and family business

Sad but true... 1 in 3 Australian marriages will end in divorce. Therefore, if you are a married business owner, this roughly equates to 1 in 3 family businesses breaking down or experiencing a shareh...

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Understanding your role as the director of a company

As the director of a company, you have the responsibility to fulfill certain obligations and responsibilities. These responsibilities often increase with the size of the company.    The duties and...

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Social media

SMEs and the Law: Protecting your online reputation

The Internet has provided an information- sharing arena where neither time nor space is a barrier. This power can be harnessed to spread a brand’s message far and wide in a relatively short amount o...

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Advertising and promotion for your new online business

When advertising and promoting your online business, you should bear in mind that there are legal ramifications of your actions. By being mindful of the following few common advertising and promoting ...

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