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Lauren Kress

CEO & Founder at Pacific Content

Member Since May 2018

Sydney, NSW



Lauren Kress is a scientist, speaker and founder of the Australian marketing consulting firm Pacific Content. She helps people and businesses that care inspire change in the world providing one-on-one business and career coaching alongside larger strategy engagements with for-purpose SME's. Lauren hosts a weekly vlog and podcast series "Words and Wine" about business, books and big questions to help you #MakeYourMark.

Qualified skills

Sales and marketing
Copywriting, content writing and blogging
Market research
Online marketing
Business consulting
Project Management
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Marketing Budget: How to get the most bang for your buck

How to use your marketing budget? Should we prioritize virtual or physical availability? Follow the science to know how to spend your money cleverly!   “We’ve set aside a marketing budget, but...

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