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I am an HR professional recently started my own consultancy. My preferred area of work is organisational change management. I live in Sydney, love to travel and also am an avid foodie.

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Industrial and employee relations
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Mahua Das
Mahua Das, Director at Next Gen Teams

Asked this question - Human resources

Are you interested in building a strategic alliance?

If you are a Consultant specialising in all aspects of payroll, salary packaging and FBT, would you...

Managing employees

EOFY: Time to Focus on a Few Other Workplace Matters beyond Next Year's Budget

~~As we are coming closer to 30 June 2014, the focus is naturally on budgets and other money matters. However, savvy managers are also taking advantage of the financial year-end to review, re-assess a...

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Human resources

Five ‘must know’ tips on probation of new employees

You invest a massive amount of time, energy and money to recruit a new employee in a vacancy. Naturally, you would want a successful outcome of this investment. On some unfortunate occasions, the ma...

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Managing employees

Employees, the internet and social media - are you managing your risks?

A Facebook Story You would think that at this day and age, everyone would know the protocols of posting comments on their private Facebook pages if they are in any way connected to their profession...

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Managing employees

Three essential tasks in January that will give you enormous return for the rest of the year

Early January is an ideal time to pause, take stock and consolidate all the good work that was done in the last six months. Before the year gets older and too busy, it will be smart to look into thr...

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Human resources

Looking Forward To The Office Christmas Party?

‘Tis the Season to be jolly As the festive season approaches, most of us are organising our Office Christmas Parties. This end-of-year festivity is a great opportunity to celebrate our journey in...

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Managing employees

When performance management becomes bullying

It is no longer sufficient to turn up at the workplace to do a 9 – 5 job. The existence of every role is rationalized by cost-conscious businesses and outputs are carefully measured against rigor...

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Managing employees

Promoting a talented employee to the next level should be a good news story ............ right?

Meet Andy. Andy works for a medium sized travel agency where six months ago, he was a star employee. Bright, engaged, motivated, he constantly outperformed himself as a travel sales agent. So, when h...

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Human resources

Why Every SME should build a business case before hiring

Are you thinking of creating a new role to take some load off your shoulders or finally filling in a long standing vacancy? If you were hiring new people without creating a proper business case – p...

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Human resources

I am a solo entrepreneur - why should I care about Human Resource Management?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Sarah, who with her partner runs a small Surveying business in a country town near Perth. Sarah thought Human Resource Management (HR) was an...

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Mahua Das
Mahua Das, Director at Next Gen Teams

Asked this question - Human resources

Are you interested in building a strategic alliance?

If you are a Consultant specialising in all aspects of payroll, salary packaging and FBT, would you...

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