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With over 10 years of consulting & business experience in financial services, telco & government industry & experience in startup businesses, I am passionate about innovation and bringing change by implementing new ideas to drive sustainability and solve a common problem. I like to connect the unconnected to produce a disruptive idea. With 8+ years of consulting experience in Financial Services, I have a wealth of knowledge to share.

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Growth For Less: Creative Startups Can Make it Big in Less Than $500!

Many startups today are moving away from traditional marketing towards growth hacking. A trend that was adopted way back by marketers and innovators in the Silicon Valley, Growth Hacking simply refers...

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Business finance and loans

HashChing: E-Business Reshaping The Future Of Mortgages

A quiet revolution is happening online that could challenge the major banks’ home loans dominion. Cyberspace, as the frontier for consumer markets, is awash with stock standard Web 2.0 companies se...

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