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With confidence, public speaking can be enjoyable and fun. I am a public speaking and presentation skills coach working with individuals and companies to deliver engaging, confident and authentic presentations. With the right training, you too can manage the fear and become an engaging, confident public speaker. My regular workshops and one-on-one coaching will help you to use your strengths and your natural presenting style to become the speaker you’d love to be.

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Training and development

Top 10 tips when presenting or speaking in public

1. Know your audience. Why are you speaking to this audience? Who is going to be in the audience? Why are they attending? 2. Know your environment. Make sure you arrive early to check out your speaki...

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Training and development

Conquer Your Public Speaking Fears

Everyone I meet finds speaking in public or presenting to a group of people stressful or nerve racking. Most people would like to avoid the unnecessary stress or nerves completely; however this is not...

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