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I am a Human Resources professional with over 20 years HR experience, and specialise in assisting small and medium size businesses. Specifically aimed at SME's without in-house HR departments. I have worked across many industries from manufacturing, mining, call centres, marketing and advertising businesses. HR On Call's Services can be tailored to any business, industry or not for profit organisation.

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Attracting talent and recruitment

How to Navigate the Hiring Evolution

Almost all businesses undergo the process of hiring and experience the cycle that comes with it. The first stage is as a start-up. The second stage occurs once the business experiences growth, which ...

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Business growth

5 Small Business Myths About Hiring External HR Consultants Busted!

If you’re the owner or manager of a small to medium business, you may have considered hiring a human resources consultant to help with your HR obligations and challenges. There are a lot of areas wh...

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Human resources

Financial Incentives

Overall, incentives for business fit into the rewards and recognition classification, and employers use these to improve productivity, teamwork, profitability, attraction and retention, reward high pe...

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Human resources

Contractors vs Employees - in simple terms

We come across a number of businesses in our travels which still grapple with whether the people who work for them are employees or subcontractors.  Just because a person states they are a contract...

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Human resources

Just two reasons why do small to medium business need HR!

Firstly, when I speak to SME business owners one of the biggest issues they face, is they feel that they are spending too much time managing their staff rather than focusing on managing other elements...

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