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Melissa Pepers

Founder at Bonbo

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Melbourne, VIC



I create food advertising that excites customers so much they swear. With a record of social media adverts that score an average of 10/10 for social relevance (making them among the cheapest and most effective adverts on Facebook) you can trust in my ability to get your food noticed.

Qualified skills

Sales and marketing
Selling online
Social media
Web design
Graphic design
Market research
Online marketing
Market trend
Catering & Food Consultants
Food Delicacies
Take Away Food
New business ideas

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Sales and marketing

Best Restaurants Use these Tips to Win Visitors. Do You?

Advertising a venue is not an easy task. Advertising a restaurant, a new local café in a sea of established food places is even more difficult. Fortunately, the online world and the online customer...

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