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Michael Evans is a blogger, a part time real estate agent and did I tell you that he is an online marketing expert and yeah, he is a Google Adwords certified professional. He is currently associated with 3Leaps ()

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4 Design Elements You Hate, But They Work

There are cases when the taste of you as a designer and the one of your client don't coincide Find out tips about what elements to use to make this work Learn how "click here", "home" button, "searc...

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Business planning

5 Business Etiquette Tips to Outsmart Your Competitors

Business etiquette is a powerful tool for any business owner to establish himself as a trusted partner in the market. Sometimes businessmen might forget about small gestures that matter the most in t...

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Copywriting, content writing and blogging

Is Your Post Ready to Be Published?

So you have written many blog posts and you are proud of them. That sounds great but how many of those posts manage to get some level of attention from the viewers in the form of comments or social sh...

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Web development

Website Design Check That You Should Not Ignore

Designing a website is not easy rather it is arduous and complicated. You will have to communicate with clients, design prototype, convert the template into code and test the entire website before mak...

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Web development

Cool Tips For SEO Friendly Web Design

Making a website SEO friendly is one of the major challenges that a website designer face. It means that the designer can’t add to many image or fancy codes or graphics on the design. So, if you are...

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Business growth

Winning In-Store Customers With Really Simple Tips!

The small businesses simply cannot follow a brand name's strategy. Their resources are different, and so is their customer base. They can utilize the social media advertising concepts, but simply cann...

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Regulatory and compliance

How Some Small Business Organizations Are Becoming A Perfect Place For Workplace Injuries

Just because none of your employees has ever got injured in the workplace does not necessarily mean that workplace injury is not going to take place in the remote future. In fact, I hate it when peopl...

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Business partnership

6 Ways of Building Better Partnerships to be Successful in Business

Who travels fastest, travels alone – the proverb does not work when it comes to be successful in business. In business it is very difficult to be successful alone, especially if you are a start-up...

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Home based business

6 Misconceptions in the Path of Your Home Business

Every home-based business starts with a dream. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of that dream and convert it into a flourishing business. Therefore, never allow the following six m...

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