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Michael Holtham

Head Honcho at Sweet Telecom

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Surry Hills, NSW, 2010



Hello Savvy Followers

I'm Mike, kiwi born, Aussie raised and "matured" in the UK. I co-founded Sweet Telecom (3 years ago) in 2010, having worked in IT and telecoms for nearly 20 years.

Sweet was founded with the fundamental principle of - best in class telecoms products, Sweet service. We knew that the best telecoms suppliers out there, had the least impressive service. So, Sweet Telecom was born.

Qualified skills

Telecommunications, mobile and wireless
Internet service provider
Data Communications
Mobile Telephone & Accessories
Office & Business Systems
Tele-communications Consultants
Telephone Systems & Equipment
Telephones & Accessories
Telephones & Systems Installation &/or Maintenance

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