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I am a writer, pontificator and poet and have recently founded Christian Mental Wellnes Australia, a not for profit supporting Christians looking for Biblical and Faith based strategies, support and advice for mental health wellness. Other topics include lifestyle, family, relationships, mental health, everyday fashion and food. Personal site: www.miriammiles.com . Visit CMWA at www.christianmentalwellness.com.au

Lifestyle and health

Can Stress Help Us Determine if Our Direction Needs Auditing?

The past few months have been stressful. I tend to underestimate the amount of stress I am going through, but if I was assessing the circumstances, I would tell that person they're under a lot of stre...

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Online marketing

Don't you just hate all the hype?

Don't you just hate all the hype? I do. I get so sick of the shouting and hollering that happens in the virtual world. It's just too much but everyone keeps telling everyone that everyone needs to be...

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Business coaching

7 Steps to Managing a Work-Free Weekend

What are your weekends like? Are they filled with fluffy clouds, pool splashing friends and family and long evenings of inspirational debate to fuel your mind? Or are they often like mine, where for ...

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Business coaching

My Story: Learning to Get Over Myself and Wake Up to The Opportunities Ahead

I never really thought of myself as a business woman. It didn't really occur to me that I was becoming one throughout my adult years either -- until recently. Until then, I had spent my entire adul...

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Business coaching

Stop Making Excuses

I'm full of them...excuses, that is. I have medals for procrastination lining my virtual walls and files full of good intentions cluttering up my cyber life and yet somehow I still find myself getti...

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