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David Solomon

Business Performance Strategist at Quiddity

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Sydney, NSW, 2000



I help women entrepreneurs to build a Higher Purpose Business – a business that serves their values – one that works for them, not them working for it. My mission is to help women in business unlock their magnificence. The end game? To help women build businesses that are rewarding for the heart and for the purse - thereby to economically enable and empower women to help heal the world.

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Please don't stop the rain...

It’s been raining a lot around our way recently – I mean a lot. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not complaining as we do need the precipitation after the warmest Australian Spring on record (2013) an...

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Research and Innovation

It’s world voice day on 16th april – so why should you care?

If you’ve ever fully lost your voice or perhaps had a cold that has severely restricted your vocal use, you'll know just how frustrating it is to function in your everyday life when you can't make...

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Research and Innovation

How to achieve your best - part 2

"To tap the tremendous unrealized potential that exists in all of us, we must think of meaningful work as an essential ingredient of a fulfilling life. We can move past success to significance when ...

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Research and Innovation

Bhags and mpogs

I was driving into the city and traffic being what it was, we were crawling along. I happened to look out the side window and saw the name of the street we were passing – Beehag Avenue. Even thoug...

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Research and Innovation

How to achieve your best

Achieving your best is a personal thing. In the same way that success for you really should be defined by your lifestyle, family, financial and other goals – rather than what society says success ...

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Business growth

The glass table

A couple of nights ago we had a pretty wild wind storm at our place. (When I say at our place it obviously wasn’t just our place but it does sound more dramatic that way!) My wife and I both hear...

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Research and Innovation

Over the christmas break I decided to start a business…

Every January and February I hear the words “over the Christmas break I decided to start a business.” And whilst it makes my heart sing to see the enthusiasm of new entrepreneurs, I also have so...

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Market trend

Does having a higher purpose exclude commercial outcomes?

Does having a higher purpose exclude commercial outcomes? And vice versa? If you are driven to profit at any cost it would appear so. However, if you define your commercial success and profit as bein...

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Online business

Sell your soul

If you can make money doing what you love, that’s a Higher Purpose Business. Working at your heart’s desire, at the best you have to give, will often be your greatest source of profitability. Thi...

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Business planning

6 Practical Tips To Keep Your Business Above Water In A Downturn

There is nothing fancy to be done, rather a back to basics approach. Here are the top 6 things to do. 1. Deliver a quality product or service. Whether this is your personal labour or your company’s...

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