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I am an expert in branding passionate about creativity and personal development. I've worked for 25 years in the creativity industry, building brands for businesses and organisations. I now help small business owners and individuals fine-tune their message, live their purpose and find balance whilst doing it. I'll help you create a business, brand and lifestyle you LOVE! Get your free Big Vision Journey Guide now at

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Business coaching

Get clear on your business journey

Your business is a journey. And it should be an enjoyable one. Too many people create businesses that take them on a path of worry, stress and duty, with promises of enjoyment once they ’arrive’ ...

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8 Reasons Why You Should LOVE Your Brand

After 25 years in design and marketing, building brands for a multitude of companies large and small, I’m realistic enough to know that not everyone, in fact not many people, want a brand they love....

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THE Art of Brand Creation

Digging deep into the creative process For those who just want to get it done and sorted so you can get on with your business. In my 4-step brand development process – creation is not where most...

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Let's Get to The Heart of Finding Your Brand Essence

As a brand consultant, I help translate visions into reality -- into communications that connect, images that engage and tangible tools that sell. It's not rocket science, but it is a process and on...

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Get Real Clarity on Your Business and Brand

As a brand consultant, this is what I frequently hear from frustrated business owners. "I just want more clarity about how to communicate what I do, and how to position it…" "How can I express my t...

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