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Stephane Ibos

CEO at Maestrano

Member Since May 2013

Elizabeth Bay, NSW, 2011



Entrepreneur thriving in trying to find solutions for start-ups and SMEs. We created Maestrano with the aim of providing efficient, low cost, flexible solutions to help our colleagues run their business in a more seamless fashion. Always interested in meeting new people and professionals to learn more. Also very much into the start-up World.

Qualified skills

Internet Web Services
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Online businesses

Online businesses 8476 FOLLOWERS


Legal 5641 FOLLOWERS

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing 8314 FOLLOWERS

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting 6293 FOLLOWERS

Information technology

Information technology 6660 FOLLOWERS


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Growth 8390 FOLLOWERS

Ecommerce strategy

Ecommerce strategy 7499 FOLLOWERS

Selling online

Selling online 7554 FOLLOWERS

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing 7552 FOLLOWERS

Social media

Social media 7650 FOLLOWERS

Web design

Web design 7457 FOLLOWERS

Web development

Web development 7509 FOLLOWERS

Web hosting

Web hosting 7384 FOLLOWERS

Business structure

Business structure 5372 FOLLOWERS


Insolvency 5288 FOLLOWERS

Intellectual property

Intellectual property 5338 FOLLOWERS

Buying a business

Buying a business 5332 FOLLOWERS

Employment law

Employment law 5303 FOLLOWERS

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition 6914 FOLLOWERS

Graphic design

Graphic design 6845 FOLLOWERS

Media production

Media production 6836 FOLLOWERS


Advertising 6947 FOLLOWERS


Branding 6974 FOLLOWERS

Market research

Market research 6879 FOLLOWERS

Online marketing

Online marketing 7013 FOLLOWERS

Public relations

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Cashflow management

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Superannuation 5555 FOLLOWERS


Banking 5557 FOLLOWERS


Accounting 5586 FOLLOWERS

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Website 6224 FOLLOWERS

Cloud computing

Cloud computing 6144 FOLLOWERS

Hardware and software

Hardware and software 6114 FOLLOWERS

Product development

Product development 6447 FOLLOWERS

Startup branding and PR

Startup branding and PR 6477 FOLLOWERS

First 100 days

First 100 days 6449 FOLLOWERS


Bootstrapping 6418 FOLLOWERS

Onwards and upwards

Onwards and upwards 6455 FOLLOWERS


Importing 7254 FOLLOWERS

Growing and scaling

Growing and scaling 7357 FOLLOWERS

Market trend

Market trend 7320 FOLLOWERS

Business partnership

Business partnership 7324 FOLLOWERS

Lifestyle and health

Lifestyle and health 7334 FOLLOWERS

Managing risks

Managing risks 7312 FOLLOWERS


Franchising 7261 FOLLOWERS

Business coaching

Business coaching 7366 FOLLOWERS

Business planning

Business planning 7391 FOLLOWERS


Miscellaneous 7317 FOLLOWERS

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