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At Microcosm, we deliver a total communications solution for busy retailers. From the ever-changing world of web, e-commerce and social media, to important traditional print sales catalogues and direct mail. A total solution means your brand is taken to market in a clear, effective and visible way.

We empower you with the right tools and help influence potential and current customers both online and in store.


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Sales and marketing
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Sales and marketing

The Costs Of Catalogue Design And Printing ✅

Catalogues and brochures are essential in every business since they have proven to be a good method of raising sales, small business owners allocate budget for catalogue design and printing.  The bi...

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Web development

[infographic] Responsive web design: hot tips to getting it right

With more than 2.1 billion mobile broadband subscribers as potential customers, making sure your website is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs is critical. According to research illustrated by...

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Sales and marketing

6 Great tips for effective catalogue marketing

Catalogues are not just a sales tool but an everyday part of the customer's buying habit. By integrating online and offline marketing, catalogues can be used by consumers and then go online to invest...

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Sales and marketing

Grow your business with catalogues

Despite the prevalence of digital media, catalogues remain a key method of retail marketing. People love their printed catalogues, with customers preferring to browse offline and purchase online. Re...

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