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Tim Allison

Board Member at Omake Interactive Services Pty Ltd

Member Since March 2015

Lane Cove North, NSW, 2066



A career highlighted with successful progression from FMCG marketing and key account retail management through to board level Chair. The establishment of 3 companies ranging from traditional retail and distribution to cutting edge consumer technology within the on-line and mobile sectors.
On-going personal C-Level development highlighted by wide experience covering all critical areas of business including strategy, business development, leadership and finance.

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Ecommerce strategy

How To Leverage Deep Localization and Matrix Packaging

What is Deep Localization? Most companies I work with initially view localization in a limited perspective covering language only. After more than 15 years of taking foreign digital content into Asia...

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Media production

Wake Up News Corp: Digital Packaging Lessons to Learn

What's the latest in digital packaging? How are companies monetising digital content via traditional media and apps?  The increasingly crowded consumer app marketplace is growing at an exponentially...

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