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Tracey Loubser#QueenOfCashflow
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Owner at Confident Cashflows

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Perth, WA, 6000



Tracey Loubser is the Queen of Cash Flow!
She is NOT your normal "grey-suit" accountant, who rambles on about boring tax stuff.

Through her multi-award winning business, Confident Cashflows, Tracey has helped many business owners achieve higher profits & improve their cash flow. Her acclaimed Seven Step Process has proven the key to such transformations as a shift from NET Loss to Net Profit in only ONE month (13% of Sales), and Net Profit improvement of 65% in just seven months


Top 10%
Cashflow management
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Cashflow management

23 Ways to Help You Improve Poor Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is crucial for any business’s financial success. If your cash flow is in a poor condition, your company is in a major trouble. There are a lot of tips and methods on how to impro...

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How to Tackle the Tax Man In The Small Business Playground

Keeping up-to-date with tax payments is not only a challenge for struggling cash strapped SMEs. Growing SMEs have the challenge of juggling growing and catch-up tax commitments with day-to-day expens...

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Lifestyle and health

How To Beat The Black Dog Of Business: Depression, Stress, & Anxiety

The symptoms of someone dealing with depression, stress, and/or anxiety include restlessness, constant irritability, muscle tension, and more. Entrepreneurs, being under the stress of running a busin...

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