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Small, fast growing and entrepreneurial businesses are my passion. I like to write business plans for them, grow them, advise them and write about them. My experience now spans over 17 years, including 3 businesses of my own.
My objective is to offer instructive, hands-on, ‘how to’ information to make business ownership easier, less stressful, more successful and more enjoyable.


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Selling a business

Is It Time to Break Up With Your Business?

Starting a new business is one of the most hopeful things you can do. Just like a new romance, there is a lot of excitement and endless possibility. At first, they have no faults -- courtesy of that ...

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Business planning

Which Book to Read to Overcome Small Business Challenges

Owning your own business comes with way too many difficulties that need to be overcome, and you need to be ready for that. The best way to prepare your business for small business challenges is to ha...

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Market trend

When your marketing freeway.. becomes a carpark

Not so long ago Yellow Pages was the place for small businesses to advertise. Remember those thick books that were so heavy you could use them as a door stopper? Ten years ago I had clients spending...

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Business planning

Information overload: cutting to the chase.

Small business advice is big business, with an entire industry telling you how to run a better business, start your business, grow your business and every conceivable topic in between. You can choos...

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Business growth

Wallet wars: why clients won’t spend with you

Inspiring clients to slap their wallets shut would be the definition of insanity, but sadly, businesses do this every single day.  Even mine.  In my restaurant I hired a floor manager who was pu...

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Sales and marketing

Marketing, from the inside out

Disciples: that’s what all business owners need. A band of dedicated converts that spend their time convincing everyone they know to do business with you. Marketing costs can be almost zero; selli...

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Business planning

My business name blooper

I have a confession to make. In my last business I made a fundamental mistake; not an uncommon mistake, but one that is easy to make even if you are experienced. Let me explain. What does the word ...

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Business growth

What is a "small business", anyway?

“Small business” is a term that gets thrown around by everyone from governments, media, lobby groups to business owners themselves. Definitions that I have heard include: a business run by one...

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Customer retention

“Sorry?” where does it belong in business?

During the past few weeks the word “sorry” has been said to me on a few occasions, from suppliers, an insurance company and a colleague. It’s a very easy word to say. In our personal relations...

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Human resources

Job candidates are not "just for christmas".

Trying to get a job sucks. You spot your dream job, which sounds like it is made for you. All excited, you spend hours updating your CV, craft the perfect letter, send it to your trusted colleagues...

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