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I'm an economist currently working on a few projects in Australia. I'm interested in topics related to market research, project management and business improvement.

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Market research
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Business growth

Simple Ways to Increase Your Productivity

What could you do with a few extra hours every week? People who win in business tend to be those who are most productive. The idea is simple: if you’re willing to invest up front in personal deve...

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Integrating online and offline

Why Digital Printing is Essential for Your Business

The world of marketing and advertising is undergoing some rapid changes in response to the way companies are trying to reach its customers. While there is a growing demand for digital media ad firms a...

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Online business

How to Manage the Risks of Online Businesses

The Internet has brought tremendous possibilities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and earn more money. At the same time, while it can dramatically help you grow your business outside your z...

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Managing risks

The Four Types of Project Management Risks

Every project manager needs to understand how to minimize risks that can hinder the successful completion of the project. After obtaining a clear understanding of these risks, the project manager shou...

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The Key Legal Documents Your Business Needs

The relentless push of starting a new business often means legal details are pushed to the side in order to start bringing in money. Eventually, though, every businessman must go from the initial leap...

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Market research

Top 5 Qualitative Market Research Techniques

Qualitative market research is a powerful tool to plumb the depths of new territory and discover truths that are normally hidden from easy view. What does a given product category really mean to buy...

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