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Search engine marketing

Lightbox Ads

It seems that Google is updating its policies, interface and features each and every week! Just as you might get your head around one particular feature, they go and update it to improve targeting, ...

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Ecommerce strategy

Your One Stop Google Shopping Shop

Google Shopping has been changing so fast it’s not even funny. As a digital specialist, it’s hard enough to keep up with, let alone for your general e-commerce shop owner. With so much to think ab...

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Search engine marketing

AdWords and Analytics - Like Peas in a Pod!

On its own, AdWords is a fantastic marketing tool to drive relevant traffic to your website. It allows you to choose which keywords are most important to your marketing objectives and letting you bid ...

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Ecommerce strategy

eCommerce Tips & Tricks

More and more I’m seeing eCommerce businesses starting up and taking off. In my job as a digital marketing specialist, I deal with eCommerce platforms every day. But not all platforms are created eq...

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Sales and marketing

Spend More to Make More

Account spend can be a funny thing. Often I’ll get asked how much we need to spend to get a result. The answer I give is usually a convoluted variation on "how long is a piece of string?" Google loo...

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Sales and marketing

Driving Calls to Drive Leads

Calls can be the Holy Grail for some advertisers. What could be better than getting your potential customer on the other end of the phone in order to generate a booking, lead, quote request or sale? W...

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Sales and marketing

Mobile Marketing Options You Have to Consider

Targeting mobile devices is becoming increasingly important for any digital marketing strategy. It makes sense, right? Think about how often you’re out and about, on the move and you feel the need t...

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Ecommerce strategy

How to Troubleshoot a Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping is a great tool for anyone running an e-commerce website. It allows you to pull product information from the back end of your website and deliver relevant ads to your customers directl...

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Search engine marketing

How to Target Using Google AdWords' Display Network

The display network on Google AdWords is something that many people leave well alone. Sure, it has a really cheap cost per click and sure, you can rack up tens of thousands of impressions per week, bu...

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Online marketing

Give Custom Segments the Green Light in Google Analytics

As you probably know by now, I’m a bit of a fan of Google Analytics. It’s something I use on every account I work on, every day of the week. I want to break down a couple of ways that you can seg...

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