Web design was something that was always in my New Year's resolution that I never got round doing -- until now. After consulting with different web designers for my startup, the proud SME owner ... read more

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Because I am building my very first start-up, (clap clap clap) I had no idea about any of the accounting requirements or even if i needed to use any sort of special software. Not only did I want the... read more

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Is it fair to generalise B2B businesses as being predominantly service based? read more

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I love marketing emails. Really, I do.   According to the Direct Marketing Association's in the United States, every $1 spent in 2011 on email marketing brought back $40.56 on average. That makes... read more

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To me, marketing is highly enjoyable. Marketing involves playing with psychology - and the baseline of marketing is manipulating people's behaviour. I find it really fun because it makes me think a l... read more

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