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Martin Aungle

Director at Explore Communications Pty Ltd

Member Since June 2013

Mittagong, NSW, 2575



Martin Aungle established Explore Communications Pty Ltd in August 2011 to provide marketing and stakeholder communications services to organisations exploring new markets, new territories, new technologies or new ways of doing business.

Explore's current projects include: marketing program management; technical writing and editing; public relations; new business development; and social media marketing and communications.

Qualified skills

Copywriting, content writing and blogging
Public relations
Event management
Editing and publishing
Marketing Services & Consultants
Media Information & or Services
Press Cuttings & Media Monitoring Services

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Online business

Online business 9014 FOLLOWERS

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing 8430 FOLLOWERS

Information technology

Information technology 7073 FOLLOWERS


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Ecommerce strategy

Ecommerce strategy 7502 FOLLOWERS

Selling online

Selling online 7558 FOLLOWERS

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing 7552 FOLLOWERS

Social media

Social media 7651 FOLLOWERS

Web design

Web design 7462 FOLLOWERS

Web development

Web development 7513 FOLLOWERS

Web hosting

Web hosting 7386 FOLLOWERS

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition 6920 FOLLOWERS

Graphic design

Graphic design 6848 FOLLOWERS

Media production

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Branding 6975 FOLLOWERS

Market research

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Online marketing

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Public relations

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Website 6225 FOLLOWERS

Cloud computing

Cloud computing 6143 FOLLOWERS

Hardware and software

Hardware and software 6115 FOLLOWERS

Product development

Product development 6448 FOLLOWERS

Startup branding and PR

Startup branding and PR 6479 FOLLOWERS

First 100 days

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Bootstrapping 6419 FOLLOWERS

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation 6455 FOLLOWERS

New business ideas

New business ideas 6502 FOLLOWERS

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