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I'm passionate about Digital Marketing and have been in the Online space my entire career. I started off as a Web Master/Designer at a Software company called Citect (SCADA Software), then moved on to Fairfax Digital to head up Search Marketing for the news and media sites (, etc.). Spent over 2 years at Microsoft Australia looking after Web Analytics (using Webtrends and Omniture), before joining I head up the APAC Inbound Marketing team.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social media
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO Tips & Tricks to help Aussie SMEs get more traffic from Google

I have been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for quite a while (since the late 1990's). I've had the opportunity to work for some amazing companies on some of Australia's largest most traffic...

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Leaders, you need to Dream Big: Google, Facebook, Apple... all started out as SMEs [Infographic]

Q. What did Google, Facebook, Virgin, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla have in common? A. They all started small and had a vision of being something big.  Even the biggest multi-billion dollar conglomerat...

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Social media

Are Australian SMEs using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] Source: Sensis eBusiness Report 2012

Anyone looking for small businesses in Australia will often turn to the "White Pages " run by Sensis. Sensis also publishes the famous Yellow Pages Online directory  and they have a large pool of ...

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