Understanding Road Rage and How It Can Help Your Business

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Most of us have heard the 80/20 rule however not many of us have heard the 90/10 rule which can be just as important.

Think of the last time you saw a case of road rage or perhaps the last time you experienced this yourself. What was it like? What was the result and what happened to invite this result? 

From my experiences and those that others have shared with me, it seems that in almost all cases it is an over reaction to something which is quite small yet has quite a significant outcome. The worst one which fortunately I only read about, was when someone had their ear bitten off, and for what? The reason was due to the person who took their car spot. 

Now, I can recall at least 10 previous times where someone took my car spot. I will admit when I was younger perhaps I reacted a little more. However, the thought of taking any sort of extreme action like this does not enter my mind. So why do the same things cause different reactions?

It is clear that the road rage which occurs has only little to do with what happens on the road. It is a result of many suppressed resentment and anger which were resolved. If these negative feelings continuously surface, it will decrease our reaction threshold. 

This can also occur in business, as well as, in our every day life when not on the road driving our cars. We need to ensure we are existing in a space where no matter what happens, we react in the most appropriate way that complements our long term success. We need to remember that: 

"Life as well as business is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it" 

If we can control our emotions and react in the most appropriate way, we are more likely to recover from any challenges and keep moving forward on our business and success journey.

Some tips

  1. Master your emotions
  2. Reduce your interference and negative emotions
  3. Learn to see the advantages In negative experiences

Finally, how we position our mindset each and every day matters.

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Richard Schembri

Richard Schembri, Entrepreneur - Team Coach and Mentor in Network Marketing at Team Berrygood

Great article Leo. I was always someone to burst out and quickly lose control on the road and in business. I have now learnt to settle down quite a bit and it is so true what you say. My reactions usually had nothing to do with the very minor issue I was facing. I now stay balanced as much as possible, when ever a situation confronts me, I take a few deep breaths, remove any emotion and see it for exactly what it is, a minor hurdle that will create a learning experience for me. I find Meditation and Yoga great for releasing emotional energy that has built up.

Leo Eliades

Leo Eliades at

Hi Richard, great to read your comment. I agree, I also find meditation a wonderful way to maintain focus and stay in control. in fact I wished I had used meditation years ago