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WA Sealers

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EST 2017


WA Sealers provides top quality cleaning and sealing products for porous building materials. Their focus is to provide high performance products which are also great for the environment. They have products for natural stone, concrete, paving plaster and other porous materials. They have sealers for most types of applications. These products can repel water, oil, grease, wine, juice and most other common sources of staining. They even have products that provide protection against graffiti. All their products are environmentally friendly and high performance. Most of their products have environmental accreditation and are guaranteed effective for at least 10 years.


  • Building Supplies
  • Cleaning Products &/or Supplies
  • Coatings-Protective
  • Sealing Compounds & Or Services


  • Water Based Sealers
  • Guard Industry