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What you want to look when you want to outsource your SEO campaigns is

1. The outsourced company has enough manpower
2. The are local
3. They will provide white label reports
4. Constantly in touch with you - every week or fortnightly updates
5. Understands your Brand image to protect to when it comes to outsourcing - the outsourced company has to take care of the main company and its clients reputation
6. Never contact their clients if the client has cancelled the contract
7. Ask for reviews from the parent company or anything to improve


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Hello Maria,

As Grace told you, you'll have to look for a great SEO expert who's going to be able to provide you a great result. Keep in mind, investing in SEO isn't cheap, but it's a great long-term investment. SEO prices tend to vary between $1000 and $8000. I hope it helps!

Chelsea Creamer

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@Eduardo, Great reply!

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Wow, very good question. I believe SEO is a marketing issue and not an IT issue. Main reason is, IT is responsible for the website however the content should be managed by the marketing department.
IT should not be tasked with having to post articles and content, they should be responsible for maintaining ...  Continue Reading
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Google Webmaster Tools will only give you a sample of your overall link profile. It is a good place to start but it is not ever going to be a complete view of the links you have. I would not worry if links have dissapeared as it happens from time to time. As an example below with the different methods ...  Continue Reading
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Web visits are like foot traffic in a retail store. You need them, but they're not enough on their own. But 'convert strangers into customers' is a bit too simplified. You might want to convert them into acquaintances (leads) or friends (prospects) before you go all the way - especially if you're ...  Continue Reading
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I started a global branding and digital marketing firm 19 years ago when websites were basically a brochure online and search was a novelty   The sites have gotten fancier over the years and search engines have changed their algorithms to keep up with customer demand for ...  Continue Reading
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Here are some great resources to check out:

The single best tip I can give is to identify the common questions and keywords around that specific product you're selling.

After you know that, pick the most relevant ones and include them in your product description.

Additional tip: Keep UX in mind always.

Hatty Bell

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Thanks @Luat Duong - great tips!