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James Norquay

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When you are picking a new SEO company, I would start with asking some of the following questions, I would mainly do this over the phone or you can meet them in person (probably advise meeting people in person) to get a better feel for the business and too see who will actually be working on your account ...  Continue Reading
Wendy Huang

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Great tips James :)! Never expect anything less ;)

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Emanuel Petrescu

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1. Always have your user's best interest in mind! Try to deliver the best possible answer for their query and Google will reward you by showing your page on top of the search results. That's the most important aspect (in my opinion). 

Then, the rest:
2. Keywords - use the keywords (more specifically - the language) your prospects are using. 
3. Take care of the technical aspects of your website - speed, make sure it's up to date, plugins, functionalities - everything working?

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Paul Easton

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Sorry, but the comments above make good blog posts but are not from people in the trenches. 15 years in the business, and while it's a lot of work, many focus on the wrong elements and get little results, especially content. Content on its own won't cut it.
The ...  Continue Reading
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Thanks for your insight @Paul Easton ! Does this help @John Edwards ?